Derrida's Sources
Citations and References in Of Grammatology

Jacques Derrida is one of the major figures of twentieth-century thought, and his library - which bears the traces of decades of close reading - represents a major intellectual archive. The Princeton University Library (PUL) houses Derrida's Margins, a website and online research tool for the annotations of Jacques Derrida. We used data collected from this project to create visualizations of the references used throughout Derrida's De la grammatologie.

This code can be adapted to create an interactive visualization for any data set, either for book references or another type, which includes many entries, an x-axis location for each entry, a y-axis location for each entry, and information to display with the mouse-over feature. The interactive and visual components are most interesting when entries are not discrete, and can be connected with a significant frequency to many locations along the x-axis.

Drag x-axis to adjust page range.

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